Broken KTMs - Photo Library
Where: on a limestone track that is a public access road near Perth, Western Australia
What happened: a land developer cut a tree down, falling it over the track to discourage people riding

NOTE: the damage to these bikes was purely caused by the crash impact, not by any failure of the KTMs at all.

Bike: KTM 200 Bike: 2003 KTM 525
Owner/rider: Keith Owner/rider:
Bike Damage:
top triple clamp snapped
expansion chamber dented from front wheel
front rim bent
bent forks - not sure yet if they can be straightened
Bike Damage:
snapped steering stem
header pipe damage
smashed front rim
fork damage - don't know yet
Cost: lots! Cost: $A3000 so far - that's *without* factoring in the forks and labour costs
Personal injury:
"Bloody sore leg, sore arm, slight hand fracture"
"Flew about 11 metres through the air"
Personal injury: fractured hand

(Click on each photo for a full size shot)


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