Vehicles: Kawasaki ZX9R
Damage: Superficial - mostly fairing damage, broken footpeg mount
When: Friday afternoon, 27th September, 2002
Where: corner of Albany Highway and Duncan Street, Victoria Park (ie a suburb of Perth)
Injuries: None... rather frustrated rider though.

I was driving past in a car when this actually happened. I didn't actually see it, but I heard the bike going around the corner and then crashing, so I went back and had a look. Turned out that the owner had just had brand new tyres fitted to both front and back wheels - the shop was barely 500 metres away. Because the tyres were brand new and the shiny surface hadn't been worn off, the bike slipped over on the corner. There are scratches on both sides of the bike - it appears to have gone down on its right hand side, then bounced over and slid along on its left side.