Vehicles: Honda Fireblade 929, Yamaha YZF1000 R1, Buell, Kawasaki ZZR1100, Kawasaki ZZR250, two cars
Damage: Complete carnage, all five bikes were destroyed beyond repair. Big $$$$$.
When: 24th September, 2002
Where: Farrell's Cafe
Injuries: Nothing physical, plenty of emotional suffering though!

From a witness:

"Old brown Corona station wagon came screaming around the corner, swung wide, mounted the kerb, and ran right into the five bikes parked on that side.

The Buell was sent flying and the other four bikes were sandwitched up against a Nissan Silvia coupe.

The moment the car stopped, the driver and front passenger tried to bolt up the street. There were four people in the car, and the girl in the back still had her glass of beer in hand.

The driver was a young blonde girl without license who had obviously been drinking. The car apparently belonged to the front passenger. Shortly thereafter he went back up the road and comes back with a stubby for himself and a UDL for her. We made sure she wasn't going to be having any more alcohol.

Despite many calls, it still took police about an hour to arrive."

Damage To The Bikes:

Honda FireBlade 929: Damaged crankcase (drained of oil), cracked and dented swingarm, bent rear subframe, busted panels on both sides and, well you get the picture, it's f--cked!!
Final Outcome: Insured, written off.

Yamaha R1: Massively crushed. RIP.
Final Outcome: Not insured, bike destroyed, owner suffered financially.

Buell: Not hit directly, but clipped with major force and sent flying. Various damage, front and side don't look too good.
Final Outcome: Insured, written off.

Kawasaki ZZR1100: Major fuel tank damage, bent forks, holed radiator, snapped footpeg/gear level assembly, substantial fairing and cosmetic damage, bent brake disc.
Final Outcome: Insured, written off.

Kawasaki ZZR250: Sandwiched in amongst it all. Stuffed. Very.
Final Outcome: Not insured, bike destroyed, owner suffered financially.

Nissan Silvia Coupe: major front end damage
Final Outcome: Not known, owner was not part of this group.