Vehicles: Yamaha YZF100 R1 vs Toyota Camry
Damage: Completely destroyed R1. Major damage to Camry.
When: Saturday morning, 4th March, 2000
Where: Canning Highway, Como (a suburb of Perth, Western Australia)
Injuries: Full info not known, substantial leg injuries to rider. There was a passenger on the R1 who was extremely shaken and dazed, but did not appear to have any substantial injury. One of the knees on the rider just wasn't there - there was just blood and guts where his right knee once was. I'll never forget the squelching sound (and corresponding yelling from the person) when the ambulance officers had to straighten out his leg to get him onto a stretcher.

I came across this crash scene on my way to a motorbike shop on the bike that I had bought the day before! The Yamaha R1 had been riding at extremely high speed. It appeared that a car had reversed out of one of the house driveways, and the bike has hit the back of the car with a massive impact!